Laminate tubes 

KIM PAI TUBA offers the widest range of laminate tube options available in Europe!

Not only can our customers specify the colour of the laminate that they would like, we can also modify the laminate structure and thickness to suit their individual requirements.

Kimpai Tuba

Kim Pai Lamitube is the largest laminate tube manufacturer in Asia, producing in excess of 1.2 billion tubes per year. As a family owned and managed company, our core strengths are quick decision making and the ability to customize our laminate tubes to match any technical requirements.

ABL Tubes

Change the thickness of our own ABL material 

MPET Tubes

The artwork for your tube – your imagination can run wild

PBL Tubes

With an invisible sideseam and 360 degree printing

Custom laminate options

KIM PAI TUBA can work with you to design custom laminates to suit your specific requirements.