Lajovic Tuba embalaža, d.o.o. already participating in two European projects

BioBoard1About 7 million tons of coated paper, paperboard and cardboard are currently manufactured annually worldwide.

WHEYLAYER2 - Barrier biopolymers for sustainable packaging

Log-Wheylayer2The WHEYLAYER 2 project is the follow-on phase from the very successful WHEYLAYER project, that was funded under the “Research for the benefit of SME associations” scheme of the FP7 programme and ended in 2011. It developed a biopolymer coating based on whey protein for plastic films able to replace currently used expensive synthetic oxygen barrier.



WHEYLAYER is a 3 year R+D project that is being funded by the EC’s Seventh Framework Programme under “Research for SME Associations”.

Our experience with EU projects: industrial application of whey protein based coating

plastLajovic Tuba embalaža, d.o.o. (Tuba) is Slovenian company with more than 85-year tradition in producing aluminium, plastic and laminate tubes.